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Welcome to Siit arboretum

Siit Arboretum Botanical Garden is home to many collections of plants from the Philippines and  other places around the world.

BIODIVERSITY is our priority aim in making this garden, the safeguarding of our native species the hopeful outcome from the influence our visitors could give on their individual environments due to a closer link with the plant world following their visit.






We Provide:

  • More than 10 hectares of natural sanctuary & plants display.
  • Guided tours for groups and individuals.
  • Climate display areas.
  • Native deciduous forest display.
  • Library for research and information.
  • Campsite with facilities.
  • Cottages available soon.
  • Reception area for group gathering.
  • Educational tours for schools and various groups.
Facilities open to all environmental friendly target groups for all sort of activities, arts, workshops, retreats, etc... meet in peace with nature.

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